The Quality Of Our Products Itself Shows Our Competency.

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The RAW MATERIALS which we use contain special alloys which are strong & sturdy. These are used in production of all the equipments. The quality & appropriate composition of the alloys are decisive factors in ensuring the accurate working of products & for a longer duration

The HARDENING & TEMPERING of alloys is vital to ensure the products are tough and wear-resistant. In the furnaces, the individual parts are heated up to 900 degrees Celsius, shaped, cooled and then hardened. This ensures the sturdiness & a better life of implements.

The computer controlled machines, fitted with special types of tools, installed in the plant are capable of milling, boring and turning processes of the hardened alloys. The tool room is well arranged with all the machines which are maintained that directly enhances, less time consumption for production.

The PROFILE CUTTING of the alloys are done by our flame cutting machine. The flame cutting machine will ensure the precision ness during the cutting operation. The circular saw machine is used for cutting the pipes in appropriate degrees which result in less grinding works and provides a better finishing to it.

All the products of VIJAY are painted with special Green & Yellow paint followed by the drying system, using the computer operated 2K process which controls the precise proportion of paint & hardener. The result is a uniform and highly resistant surface which offers long lasting protection against corrosion.

The ASSEMBLY SECTION is equipped with the pneumatic tools that provide uniform pressure, while tightening the bolts resulting in a high quality and world class assembly standard. This process is executed under the special supervision of our highly professional employees for safety issues.

The trained, educated and experienced staffs at VIJAY are responsible to carry out all operations to maintain the quality & safety of our implements used by thousands of farmers across the nation.




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